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Live Deliberations 2020

Fashion Businesses During and Post Covid

Evolution is not a constant, gradual process. Instead, significant change happens in short, stressful bursts or periods, particularly in a crisis. We are in an unprecedented crisis and within the creative eco-system, the fashion industry has borne the brunt of its impact. While we try to preserve our critical assets, we also need to prepare ourselves for the new creative leaps we will witness soon. Watch our live deliberation on such new opportunities.

Panelists: Aashti Bhartia (Director, Ogaan), Philippe Nobile (Partner, BCG Paris),
Bandana Tewari (Advisor, Global Fashion Agenda) and Rina Singh (Founder & Designer, Eka).

Moderator: Anchal Jain, Faculty & Co-chair, CCBP at IIMA.

Beauty Meets Wellness in the New Era

There is a growing realization that we are our most beautiful selves when we take care of our wellbeing -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Beauty, in its approach, is becoming more inclusive, and technology provides solutions to bring out the best in our individual selves. These changes are happening at a fast pace – and lockdown has only acted as a
catalyst in terms of forcing people to pause in their racks and consciously think about their priorities. Watch our live deliberation with panelists from the beauty and wellness industries, with diverse approaches, as we imagine a new way forward. We look at both challenges and opportunities.

Panelists: Subodh Marwah, (CEO, Strides Consumer), Stanislas Vandier (CEO, Wired Beauty Paris), Jayant Khosla (Group MD & CEO, VLCC) and Shikha Jain (Co-Founder, Neev Handmade Herbal Soaps).

Moderator: Manoj Kumar, Co-founder, Val-More Action Advisory.

Exploring The Future Of Travel And Hospitality In India

As parts of India slowly merge from lockdown, there is an apprehension towards leisure travel. Inherent in the nature of travel is interaction with unfamiliar people in non-familiar places. In this live deliberation, we explore various aspects of the future of travel and hospitality in India. Will shorter destination vacations play a big role? Will preferences in the future veer more towards sustainability? And will these changes be largely consumer driven, or is there a way for the designers of travel to influence their audience?Watch this deliberation to understand some of the shifts in thinking we need to make in order to guide the leisure travel industry back to a healthy place.

Panlists: Divia Thani (Editor, Conde Nast Traveller & Make in India magazine), Shoba Mohan (Founder and Partner, RARE), Shilpa Sharma Partner, Val-More Action Advisory and Founder, Breakaway), Hari Nair (Founder, HolidayIQ and Host, Conversations With Hari).

Moderator: Amit Karna, Associate Professor of Strategy, IIM Ahmedabad and Faculty & Co-Chair, CCBP.

What is shaping the Food and Beverage industry?

The pandemic has affected the way we dine and what we eat drastically, but not entirely negatively. Being hands-on in the kitchen has resulted in creativity and curiosity, which in turn has led to an awareness of ingredients and a need for quality ingredients. Combine this with the recent food rend shift towards organic and natural foods, and regional recipies, to imagine how this will impact the F&B industry. Similarly, the beverages business had been already shifting with the emergence of specialty Indian coffees, tonics and spirits. How will this evolve?

Watch our live deliberation as we try to piece together patterns from the last few months, along with global trends in food, to understand what the food and beverage industries will look like in 2021. 

Panelists:  Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal (Culinary Chronicler & Food Consultant, A Perfect Bite Consulting)
Matt Chitharanjan (Co-founder and Partner, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters) 
Giridhar Sanjeev (CFO, Indian Hotels Co. Ltd)
Ashmeet Kapoor (Founder & CEO, I Say Organic) 

Moderator : Anchal Jain (Partner, Val-More Action Advisory and Faculty & Co-chair, CCBP at IIMA)

How will Arts and Entertainment evolve in the future?

In the wake of lockdown restrictions over the last six months, there has been a major shakeup in the way Arts and Entertainment is being produced and consumed. It has been a challenging time for both performers and producers. 

What will the future in the arts and entertainment industry look like? 

There are many questions for which we may not have easy answers right now. Will consumers continue to consume arts and entertainment remotely? Will technology play a huge role in determining who stays and who doesn’t? And how will live experiences evolve for those who still crave the energy and thrill of a performance up close?

Listen to the recording of our live deliberation (Sep 25, 2020) to understand some of the challenges and the opportunities that are emerging in this industry.

Panelists:  Arjun Sagar Gupta (Founder, The Piano Man Group)
Abhishek Nag (Director of Business Development, Netflix India)
Rashmi Dhanwani (Founder, The Art X Company)
Moderator : Amit Karna, Faculty and Co-Chair, CCBP at IIMA

How has Covid impacted sales and distribution channels?

At the heart of innovation lies necessity. Many businesses are experiencing difficulty reaching the marketplace during this pandemic. Channel operations have been impacted severely – product fulfillment, supply to the retailer, delivery mechanisms to the customer, the customer’s ability to engage with the product, logistics and after-sales services, to name a few.

For businesses that relied on retail stores, fairs, exhibitions and large events to establish a relationship with their customers, this is a particularly difficult time. This deliberation is an exploration to see which channels that are currently effective, understanding best practices for different types of businesses, and to see how brands have innovated.  

Panelists: Aashti Bhartia (Director, Ogaan and Jubilant Foodworks) Vineeta Singh (Co-founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics,) Purva Agarwal (Founder, Attirail) Pankaj Jathar (COO, Prione)
Moderator : Saral Mukherjee, Associate Professor, Production & Quantitative Methods, IIMA